Workshops and Seminars

Hair and Makeup Classes in Hollywood, Los Angeles or the Beverly Hills areas are not always easy to find.  There are countless salons all over town but to find an outstanding hair and makeup class, you might not know where to look.   But never fear; the red carpet team of Beautiful Outlook is excited to announce outstanding hair and makeup classes for the consumer as well as the professional.

Lead by celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe and Hollywood makeup artist Melissa McNamara, these workshops will bring you the best of the best from 2 professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in the beauty and cosmetics industries.

Melissa McNamara: Hollywood makeup artist,  National trainer for many prestige cosmetics brands, owner of Beautiful Outlook, educator for beauty and makeup workshops across the country.

Billy Lowe:   Celebrity hair stylist, public speaker, reality TV host, and brand ambassador for countless beauty and cosmetics lines around the world.

Workshop fees are $250 and are hands on intensives leading you through:

  • Understanding your hair, skincare and beauty needs
  • Understanding which products and tools are right for you
  • Understanding Color blending for your makeup
  • Understanding cut & color for your hair
  • Advanced hair and makeup techniques

and so much more.    If you’re interested in a hair and makeup class with the our team, please visit our beauty channel online by clicking on BEAUTYBUZZ90210 or calling 310-743-7532 today.