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Summertime Makeup Tips

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What’s the best way to look cool in the summer heat?  The team of Beauty Buzz 90210 is here to give you the best tips for keeping cool when things heat up.



1.  Keep cool with hydrating mists.

While powder can look cakey and messy, a setting spray will set your makeup AND keep you cool in the summer heat.  You can keep a small spray bottle of filtered water in your purse to use as an all over misting cool down.

2.  Use a cosmetic puff to touch up or remove perspiration.

A professional cosmetic puff is the perfect tool for looking fresh!  Fill it up with oil-absorbing powder to remove shine, and you can store it in your beach bag for an instant touch up.  Even if you don’t fill it with powder, it can be used to remove perspiration by simple rolling it across your skin.  It instantly removes any oil or impurities by absorbing into puff, without removing your makeup!

3.  Use makeup wipes to keep “cool”.

A nice way to freshen up is by using a wipe to cool down the inner wrists, back of the neck, and behind the knees…  while keeping the area super clean and sweat free.

4.  Oil blotting papers keep skin looking fresh.

This is a great tip for anyone – especially men!  Blotting papers can be used to remove oil and sweat from the face.  I give these to my male clients to carry in their briefcases, to use prior to meetings, interviews, etc.  It works great because even though there is usually a very small amount of powder on the paper, it doesn’t look like makeup at all!!

Keep watching for more tips on my beauty channel, Beauty Buzz 90210.  If you have any questions you would like addressed, please leave me comment below!




Airbrush Tanning in Los Angeles

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It’s official!  Summer is here and everyone wants to be bronzed and beautiful.  Well I’m here to tell you…  FAKE your tan people!

Los Angeles in the Summer

Fun in the Sun Los Angeles

Here’s my recipe for getting that “I just got home from a vacation in Maui” look…




  • Start with clean skin the night before.  Mix a drop of self-tanner into your night cream.  Apply to face, neck and chest.  In the morning…Viola!
  •  Use a tinted moisturizer that is slightly darker to match your newly fake tanned skin.  This will make your skin look dewy and fresh!  No heavy foundation in the summer!
  • Tap a little highlighting gel on the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and tops of brows.
  •  Select a bronzer that’s not too orange, you don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa!!!  I prefer one that has a little shimmer, and blocks of different shades of bronze, like the classic Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer.
  •  I love to use a fan brush to apply the bronzer.  That way you get a feather light application without streaking.
  • Beginning at the temples, apply the bronzer by creating an arc over the cheekbone.  Think of it as creating a rainbow of bronzer to highlight your bone structure.
  • Bronze your hairline and forehead, over the top of the nose (where your sunglasses would hit), and the chin.  Get all the spots where the sun would naturally hit.
  •  I always finish up the look by sweeping bronzer through the crease of the eye.  It pulls the look altogether!!

Apply a little mascara and a pinky gloss, and you have a beautiful, sun kissed glow!!

Find out how getting an airbrush tan is the best way to get your “base tan”!!  Enjoy!!



Sunkissed and Sexy – Why Airbrushed Tans Rock!!

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Why should you get an airbrushed tan to get a sunkissed and sexy glow?  Here’s 3 reasons why:



Did you know that 80% of the damage caused by the sun occurs before the age of 25?  That’s why all of us over 30 are trying to convince all those young teens and 20-somethings to beware!  All those years of sunbathing at the beach to get a golden glow catches up to you – That’s why airbrushing is THE way to go!  Get tanned and bronzed without the harmful effects of the sun.


Yes, it’s true.  Getting an airbrush tan can make you look 10 pounds lighter!!  Just as wearing black slims you, a tan makes it harder to see any skin imperfections and blurs the appearance of bumpy cellulite.  Also, an airbrush can enhance your abs and create contour as an illusion of body sculpting.  With bathing suit season right around the corner – This is reason enough to come in for a tan!


If it’s not airbrushed by a professional, preferably a makeup artist, you are not getting top notch application.  Standing in a machine and letting a machine spray you does not ensure consistency in coverage.  All skin shades tend to be uneven, and a makeup artist is familiar with this and can correct it.

Contact Melissa for your appointment, and watch a tanning tutorial on BeautyBuzz90210.


Male Grooming Tips – Image and Beauty Tips for Men

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Male Grooming Tips – Beauty Tips for Men

Nowadays, more than ever, men are realizing the need to take care of their skin and hair to keep up with the women in their lives.  Cosmetic companies and makeup artists alike are now able to provide men with the products and celebrity beauty tips to look and feel their best.  Here are a few basics to consider in your grooming routine:

1.  Use a proper skincare regimen which includes a Cleanser, toner and Moisturizer.

2.  Groom facial hair and trim any of those pesky chest hairs that pop out along the shirt collar.  For more shaving tips, see a beauty tutorial from Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe on Beauty Buzz 90210.

3.  Use blotting papers to soak up any excess oil throughout the day.

4.  Trim the brows and tweeze any excess hair, also know as the “unibrow”.

5.  You can always use a Tinted Moisturizer if you need a little coverage, it doesn’t look like your wearing any makeup at all!

Remember, the men in your life want to feel good about themselves, just as we do as women.     Stay tuned for more beauty tutorials with beauty experts Melissa McNamara and Billy Lowe on