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Bridal Smoky Eye Shadow by Melissa McNamara

Bridal Smoky Eye Shadow

  • Think about the theme of your wedding…  Is it a formal, black tie affair?  Is it a casual, beach day?  This will influence how formal you want your hair and if you want smoky eyes, etc.
  • What do you love about yourself?  Do you like to play up your eyes with smoky eye shadow?  Is your skin glowing and radiant?  Choose your best feature to focus on.
  • What color are your bridesmaids wearing?  What colors are your flowers?  You’ll want your makeup to coordinate, not clash.  For example, if your colors are pink and black, you’ll want to wear pink blush and lips…  Not peach.
  • When looking for celebrity makeup as example of what you like, remember, they are wearing A LOT more makeup than it looks like.  If you want a natural look, don’t pull up an image of Kim Kardashian!  You’re much better off gathering images for each feature.  “I like the way J Lo’s skin looks here, I like the way Cameron Diaz did her eyes here, and Continue reading →


How to Apply False Lashes with Smoky Eye Shadow 4 of 5

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False Lashes with Smoky Eye Shadow by Makeup Artist Melissa McNamara

False Lashes with Smoky Eye Makeup

Just 5 Steps to perfecting your false eyelash applications!

1.     Thicken lashes with mascara.

I always put mascara on BEFORE applying the lashes.  I loooove thick, luxurious lashes!  Anchor the wand at the base of the lashes and wiggle wand as you are pulling up.

2.  Lengthen the lashes with mascara.

Glide the wand across the TOP of the lashes.  Spin the wand toward you and pull forward.  Wow… are your lashes going to look long and dramatic!!

3.  Prepare for the lash application.

Apply either a strip of lashes or individual (tab) lashes. I prefer using medium length Ardell individual lashes.  I hate seeing the glue line that strip lashes leave.  Reminds me of a newscaster.  Just take a look at those ladies reading the evening news, and you’ll see what I mean!

Use professional tweezers (like Tweezerman)… it really does make a world of difference.  Remove one lash out of the case, squeezing on about the center of the lash.

Lightly dip the tip of the lash into the glue.  Again, I of course have a preference.  I don’t use the clear glue made for individuals, it smells horrible and Continue reading →


Five Easy Steps for Beautiful Smoky Eye Shadow 3 of 5

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Smoky Eye Shadow by Makeup Artist Melissa McNamara

Five Easy Steps for Beautiful Smoky Eye Shadow

  • Choose the color palette you want to work with.

You will need a light, medium, and dark shade.  The light one should be slightly lighter than your skin tone.  The medium should be darker than your skin tone, but still nude in shade.  Now have fun choosing what dark shade you want!  Basic black, peacock teal, whatever your fancy is!


  • Apply the light shade all over as a wash.

Pat the color all over your lid, from lash line to brow bone.  Don’t worry about blending just yet.

  • Line the inner rims of your eyes.

I like to use mostly black, but if you choose to match your dark shade, just make sure that your liner is waterproof and dark enough to line the inner rim solidly.  Try one of those gel liners, I find they work the best!

  • Smudge the dark color into the lash line, encircling the eye.

Use a brush that is short and dense, like a bullet brush.  Smudge the dark shade in between the upper and bottom lashes, and blend over the lid.  Do not go too far into the crease.

  • Blend the medium shade into the crease.

Use a contour brush to pick up the medium shade, use this to blend all 3 colors together.  Swish the brush back and forth through the crease like a windshield wiper.  Also, twirl the brush through the crease using tiny little circle motions.  The idea is not see where one color starts and the next begins.

Leave a comment below if you would like to learn more about Smoky Eye Shadow!!


Sexy Smoky Eye Shadow Myths 2 of 5

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Sexy Smoky Eye Shadow by Makeup Artist Melissa McNamara

Sexy Smoky Eye Shadow

Everyone is talking about Smoky Eye Shadow…  What is it?  How do I get the look?  What colors work best?  Learn everything you need to know to get smoldering, sexy eyes that pop!

Myth #1:  Smokey Eyes are always gray and black.

Truth:  Smoky Eyes can ANY shade you like!  Smoky Eyes are a technique, not a color!  You can have forest green, Elizabeth Taylor violet, Glowing bronze, sapphire blue or ocean aquamarine!!!

Myth #2:  You have to be an expert to do this.  It’s way too hard to do on yourself.

Truth: Don’t let the experts fool you.  It’s much easier to do a Smoky Eye than it is to do natural looking makeup!  It only takes 6 steps, and your glammed and ready to go!

Myth #3:  You always need a nude lip when you have a Smoky Eye.

Truth:  It is very trendy and high fashion to have a dark, glossy lip with a Smokey Eye.  Just check out NY Fashion Week, Gucci and Louis Vuitton ads, and Red Carpet Events…  The truth is – if everyone followed this rule, there would be no new haute couture makeup looks!

Now it’s your turn to “wow” them!  Leave a comment below and tell me what else you’d like to learn!!


Smoky Eye Shadow Tutorial 1 of 5

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Melissa McNamara Makeup Artist Smoky eye Shadow

Melissa McNamara with Smoky Eye Shadow

Why does everyone want to learn about how to get that ultra sexy smoky eye??  There’s no doubt about it, smoky eye shadow is IN and it’s not going anywhere soon!

Whether it’s on the runway, at a photo shoot, or on the red carpet…the “who’s who” in Hollywood never stray from a glamorous smoky eye shadow look.

It works for all ages and all eye shapes, even brides look amazing with the right smoky eye look, it’s all about adjusting to your needs and making it look hot, hot, hot!

Follow my 5 step tutorial, and you will learn everything you need to know about getting that smoky look that everyone is wearing.

Send me questions or comments below, I am here to make every woman look and feel their best by using makeup in a way that flatters YOU!



Welcome to Beautiful Outlook! Makeup Artistry, Beauty Training


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Melissa McNamara, Makeup Artist

Welcome to my website & blog Beautiful Outlook!
Bringing you some of THE BEST beauty and skin care in the world!

It’s true, I’m a celebrity makeup artist, but beauty is NOT just for celebrities! You’re beautiful and I’ll prove it to you!  Just give me 1 hour! Look around and read about our great classes, makeup tips, skin care recommendations, step-by-step instructions for your own beauty success.  Thanks!  ~ Melissa  

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