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Summertime Makeup Tips

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What’s the best way to look cool in the summer heat?  The team of Beauty Buzz 90210 is here to give you the best tips for keeping cool when things heat up.



1.  Keep cool with hydrating mists.

While powder can look cakey and messy, a setting spray will set your makeup AND keep you cool in the summer heat.  You can keep a small spray bottle of filtered water in your purse to use as an all over misting cool down.

2.  Use a cosmetic puff to touch up or remove perspiration.

A professional cosmetic puff is the perfect tool for looking fresh!  Fill it up with oil-absorbing powder to remove shine, and you can store it in your beach bag for an instant touch up.  Even if you don’t fill it with powder, it can be used to remove perspiration by simple rolling it across your skin.  It instantly removes any oil or impurities by absorbing into puff, without removing your makeup!

3.  Use makeup wipes to keep “cool”.

A nice way to freshen up is by using a wipe to cool down the inner wrists, back of the neck, and behind the knees…  while keeping the area super clean and sweat free.

4.  Oil blotting papers keep skin looking fresh.

This is a great tip for anyone – especially men!  Blotting papers can be used to remove oil and sweat from the face.  I give these to my male clients to carry in their briefcases, to use prior to meetings, interviews, etc.  It works great because even though there is usually a very small amount of powder on the paper, it doesn’t look like makeup at all!!

Keep watching for more tips on my beauty channel, Beauty Buzz 90210.  If you have any questions you would like addressed, please leave me comment below!




Eyelash Extensions Los Angeles

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My clients always ask me about eyelash extensions…  Will I like them?  Will they make my lashes fall out?  What happens if I want to take them out?

Lucky for me, my BFF Billy Lowe is an expert in this matter!  Here’s what I can tell you.  It really DOES matter who you go to.  Get references, ask to see their work, etc.  If it is done by a true professional, that has the proper training and certification, you will absolutely LOVE the results!!

Forget all those chemical products that promise to make your lashes grow over time, and MAY alter the color of your eyes! (Yes, it’s true, I’ve seen happen!)  Billy is the real deal, and you’re sure to love the long, luscious lashes you get as a result of his fine work.

Now I know all about it, and you can too!  If you want to read all about eyelash extensions, check out Beauty Buzz 90210!!


Kim Kardashian Waves – How to Get the Look

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I’ve always wanted to get full, beachy waves in my straight, long hair.  I enlisted the advice of Celebrity Hair Stylist, Billy Lowe, to show me some red carpet secrets to achieve this look.

Just follow along with this step by step video, and Billy will show you how to get the perfect tousled, sexy head of hair!

Here are a few key tips that I learned from this:

  1. Don’t roll the hair UNDER, twist the hair around the barrel in a spiral motion.
  2. Start the curl from the tOP of the hair, closest to the scalp.  Leave the ends for last  so that you prevent drying and damaging.
  3. Use 1 inch sections all over.
  4. Don’t pull DOWN on the curl to loosen it, hold it up and bounce it instead.

Now you too can have the beautiful, beachy waves you’ve always wanted!!  Get more beauty tips on http://www.youtube.com/beautybuzz90210


The Perfect Smoky Eye – Beauty Tutorial

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“How do I get a smoky eye?”  That’s probably one of the most frequently asked question I get.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret…There’s a big misconception out there.  A lot of the time, people use the term “smoky eye” to describe the color they are trying to achieve, like charcoal gray.  In reality, the term “smoky eye” refers to a technique, not a color.

Here are some basics to follow:

  • Choose a wash color, a dark color, and a medium pop of color.
  • The darkest shade should encircle the entire eye, closest to the lash line.  Don’t forget the inner rim!  That’s the secret for getting a true smoky eye!
  • Use the medium shade in the crease to blend the dark shade and the wash color together.
  • Thicken the lashes with loads of mascara or false lashes.

To learn how to style your hair to go with your smoky eye, check out Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe on BeautyBuzz90210.


Male Grooming Tips – Image and Beauty Tips for Men

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Male Grooming Tips – Beauty Tips for Men

Nowadays, more than ever, men are realizing the need to take care of their skin and hair to keep up with the women in their lives.  Cosmetic companies and makeup artists alike are now able to provide men with the products and celebrity beauty tips to look and feel their best.  Here are a few basics to consider in your grooming routine:

1.  Use a proper skincare regimen which includes a Cleanser, toner and Moisturizer.

2.  Groom facial hair and trim any of those pesky chest hairs that pop out along the shirt collar.  For more shaving tips, see a beauty tutorial from Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe on Beauty Buzz 90210.

3.  Use blotting papers to soak up any excess oil throughout the day.

4.  Trim the brows and tweeze any excess hair, also know as the “unibrow”.

5.  You can always use a Tinted Moisturizer if you need a little coverage, it doesn’t look like your wearing any makeup at all!

Remember, the men in your life want to feel good about themselves, just as we do as women.     Stay tuned for more beauty tutorials with beauty experts Melissa McNamara and Billy Lowe on http://youtube.com/BeautyBuzz90210