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Speaking of Beauty: A Guide to Discovering and Defining Your Self Worth Regardless of Media Influence

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Inner Beauty Journal – book by Holly Fulger and Melissa McNamara

It’s finally here!!  I’m pleased to announce that after 3 years of providing inner-outer beauty workshops for women from every walk of life, actress Holly Fulger and I have collaborated on a book together!

This book includes self discovery exercises, meditations, a Values Based Style Profile, and makeup looks designed for each Style!  Are you an Inspirer, a Dreamer, a Seeker, a Leader or a Thinker?  This book will help you to understand and redefine how you present your self to the world.

We did interviews with 10 VERY different women to find out how they define beauty, what their childhood experience was with their image, and how their life experience shaped them to be the person they are today.  All of these women are absolutely fascinating, and provide great insight into the world of beauty!


You are invited to attend the Speaking of Beauty Inner Beauty Journal Launch Party to celebrate the uniqueness of women and experience the book for yourself.  The Speaking of Beauty Team will be available to talk to you about the book, provide makeup tips and guide you through the journal process.

Please join us:

Bleu Clothing - 454 S. LaBrea  Los Angeles, CA

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wine and Cheese will be served

Please contact me with any questions:  Beautifuloutlook@gmail.com

See you there!!!!!



Safe Makeup and Skincare

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While watching this show about makeup and how to be safe, I found myself running for a notepad to take notes…  I get so many questions about ingredients and quality control, and this information can help all consumers make smart choices.

Is Your Makeup Dangerous?

Lipstick is a $500 million a year industry – but are they using that money to harm you with cheap fillers??

Did you know…

Carmine is Beetle Wings

Lanoline is Sheep Skin

Guanine is Fish Scales


All of these things can be found in your cosmetics!!  Check the labels.

Look for these dangerous ingredients, if you see them, do not use the products:

DMDM Hydantoin – Formaldehyde

PEG – Petroleum Chemicals

Parabens – Cancer Causing Preservatives

 Follow these rules to be safe…

  • The fewer ingredients, the better
  • Look for ingredients you can pronounce
  • Spend more money on less products
  • Watch for the word “fragrance”, it could be anything!
  • Don’t trust the FDA.  In order for them to have concern with a product, it has to be proven “unequivocally” that something causes cancer
  • Use Vegan products to ensure there are no animal by-products
  • Be an educated consumer, use product lines that you KNOW are safe


What Does Beautiful Mean? Redefining Beauty

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Melissa McNamara Questions the Definition of Beauty

It’s a New Year, and it’s time for a New You.  Right?  Isn’t that what we all strive for?  The truth is that beauty is so much deeper than a resolution that is impossible to keep.  It is a reflection of who you really are and the uniqueness you bring to the world.

As a makeup artist for over 19 years, I’ve seen the impact that media has on the everyday woman.  The outside world places so much emphasis on our physical beauty.  Just open any magazine, and take a look.  The way beauty is defined is so limited, and let’s face it, it is completely unrealistic to strive for.  It’s no wonder that many of us look in the mirror and feel less than ideal.

Think about what beauty REALLY means to you and how you present that to the world. I believe that if we are truly aware of what makes each and every of one us unique, special and different; your core beauty shines through naturally.  Once you have a deeper understanding of your core beauty, then you can work on small improvements with makeup artistry tricks or a new hairstyle.


Here is my challenge to you in 2012.  At the end of every day, think of something beautiful about yourself. If you make someone laugh, you are humorous – which is beautiful.  If you lift someone’s spirits when they are down, you are compassionate – which is beautiful.  Always appreciate the fabulous person you are, and you will always feel beautiful.